The St. Margaret Men's Basketball League
"We have a bunch of great outside shooters. Unfortunately, all our games are played indoors."      - Weldon Drew
                  St. Margaret Over 45 Men’s Basketball

Registration Form for 2018 Season

 Fee MUST ACCOMPANY Registration Form

**EXTENDED DEADLINE: December 22, 2017 



NAME: _________________________      Home Phone: __________________

EMAIL: _________________________     Cell Phone:  ___________________

Date of Birth:  ____ / ____ / _____   Height:  ______   Weight:  ______

Will MISS game(s) played on (dates or night of week) ___________________   

New Players ONLY  -  Basketball activity as an adult

Type of experience  (Circle one):         League            Pickup              Driveway

Number of years:  __________    Days or Nights per week:   _________

How would your peers rate you as a player, 1 thru 5 (5 = Div 1 Starter): _____

R E G I S T R A T I O N   F E E   S T R U C T U R E  ***

  Returning Player Fee: $110    (assumes use of previously purchased uniform jersey)

  New Player Fee:  $125    (Includes uniform jersey; Circle size below)

                                                          Uniform Jersey Size:     L      XL       XXL

Note:  League is limited to ~50 players --- First Come, First Served Basis

Make check payable to:    
St. Margaret Men's Basketball

Mail check and completed registration form to:       Mark Schlehr

                                                                                    P.O. Box 171
                                                                                    Fallston, MD 21047