The St. Margaret Men's Basketball League
"We have a bunch of great outside shooters. Unfortunately, all our games are played indoors."      - Weldon Drew
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NEED YOUR HELP:  We are in need of a scorekeeper for Thursday nights for the rest of the season. We have a high school student who will handle the Monday night games. Ideally the candidate will have their own transportation and can work all Thursday nights through 4/11, excluding our off nights (currently 2/14 and 3/14). Please contact Tom Erisman at 443.617.5838 if you have any leads. Pay is $15 per game for about 2 hours and 20 minutes. Time frame is roughly 7:40 to 10:00 through 2/21 and 7:00 to 9:20 thereafter.

Regular Season Standings - Through Thursday 2/7

Team #  -  Captain



#2 - Greg



#4 - Randy



#5 - Mark



#3 - Tom



#2 - Bill



A clear pecking order has been established as we move through the second round of regular season games. The speed and youth of Team #2 (Greg) has provided mostly clear margins of victory after their miracle opening night buzzer win. Team #4 (Randy) has only lost to Team #2 and is sitting right where they were most of the 2018 season before dominating in the playoffs. Special kudos to Dave Owen for his game winning 3 on 1/17!! Team #5 (Mark) has been inconsistent, with all 3 wins coming by double digits and 3 of 5 losses also by wide margins to the top 2 teams. Team #3 (Tom) and Team #1 (Bill) are both looking for more - think of the Geico commercial with the Christmas lights on steroids...

We had a crazy start to our season Thursday 1/10 with a buzzer beater finish in the first game and a missed 2-pointer for a tie at the end of the nightcap. In the both cases the Vegas underdogs won outright so this could shape up to be a really interesting season! In the opener Team #2 (with new Captain Greg Thompson) capped a valiant comeback with a winning 3-point heave by newbie Ted Bemb at the buzzer to defeat defending playoff champs Team #4 (Hart) 54-53. Team Thompson benefited greatly from Team Hart's woeful 5 for 12 performance from the charity stripe, including the front end of 2 one and one's down the stretch. Returning vet Pat Mullin notched 17 to lead the winners. The late game was captured by Team #2 (Stewart), led by 18 points each from Jeff "Soup" Campbell (back from his 2018 foot injury) and newcomer Brent Harris. Team Stewart halved its 2018 win total in edging defending regular season champ Team #5 (Schlehr) by a 44-42 count. (Credit to Bill Stewart for prompting correction of the previous narrative!)

On Monday 1/14 we had another close game followed by our first double digit win of the season as Team #3 (Erisman) outlasted Team Stewart by 1 in the opener and Team Thompson built a 14 point halftime lead in route to a handy win over Team Schlehr in the nightcap.


This season we will again play on Monday and Thursday nights beginning in the St. Margaret Elementary School Gym. League play started on 1/10/19 and will wrap up by mid April. NOTE FOR THE WEEKS OF 1/7 THROUGH 2/18 OUR MONDAY AND THURSDAY START TIMES ARE MOVED BACK DUE TO GYM USE BY THE CYO PROGRAM. MONDAY GAMES WILL TIP AT 8 PM SHARP DURING THOSE WEEKS AND WE GET THE COURT BY 7:40 PM. NEW: THURSDAY GAMES WILL TIP AT 7:45 PM SHARP DURING THOSE WEEKS AND WE GET THE COURT BY 7:25 PM.

Please read the details below in green regarding general housekeeping, etc. and keep these guidelines in mind throughout the season.  AND PLEASE PICK UP YOUR TRASH!!


If you have any questions about the league please feel free to contact one of the following:

Tom Erisman at
Randy Hart at
Mark Schlehr at

  • ALL players must SIGN AND DATE the liability waiver sheet before participating.
  • The lower team number will use the bench closest to the stage. This allows us to set up the score book in advance.  ALWAYS warm up at the basket opposite your bench.
  • Player assistance with setting up and putting away bench chairs and scorer's table are greatly appreciated.
  • DO NOT move any equipment, furniture, etc. in front of any of the doors to the kitchen, corner office or the stage. If we have to move something we also have to move it back. 
  • DO NOT leave any trash, water bottles, etc., or clothing behind as we can lose gym privileges if we do not clean up AND we will not be responsible for lost items.
  • Spectators are generally NOT permitted per St. Margaret rules (for liability purposes and because the facility has no night time security). This has not been a problem in the recent past so let's keep it that way.
  • Per St. Margaret and Archdiocese rules, no minor children are permitted in the gym in conjunction with our league activities.
  • See separate section below regarding inclement weather policy.

Please note when Harford County schools, or specifically St. Margaret School, are/is closed due to inclement weather, GAMES typically will NOT be played.  However, please consult this web site for specific updates on weather closures.


The final 2 nights of the 2018 SMBB playoffs were held on 4/16 and 4/19, and while the tables were turned from the regular season a recurring theme from recent seasons came to the forefront as Team (Randy) Hart, led by Rhudy Stevens, capped a solid season with a relentless 2nd half rally to defeat top-seeded Team (Mark) Schlehr in a one-game final on Thursday 4/19. For Rhudy it was same old, same old as he notched his 3rd consecutive personal title after winning in 2016 and 2017 with Team (Chris) Parrish. Team Hart vanquished Team Schlehr twice in one week after suffering 4 regular season losses to that opponent. The 2 playoff contests were quite different, as the Champs built an early lead on 4/16 and maintained a double digit margin throughout the 2nd half on the way to a dominating 57-39 triumph in the winners' bracket final. Then on 4/19, Team Mark held a 14-point halftime advantage, but Rhudy asserted himself early in the 2nd half as his squad slowly chipped away and finally took the lead for good around the 10 minute mark. After captain Randy Hart hit a pair of 3-point daggers to extend the lead, Mark's 6-man squad encountered foul trouble and simply could not battle back, eventually losing by 12, 74-62. Rhudy was stellar at the charity stripe as part of a 27-point output and was ably assisted by double digit efforts from veterans Mike Simmons and Dave Owen, as well as newcomer Rick Nicholson. Randy's squad sans Steve Thomas is pictured below.

To get to the final, Team Schlehr bounced back to win the nightcap handily 79-53 on Monday night, which was expected based on their steady play throughout the season, led by regular season MVP, do everything guard Dave Robinson and 1st team All League forward Bobby Hector. On that night they had the further advantage of playing Team Tom Erisman on the heels of a FOUR OVERTIME battle with Team Parrish. There were too many twists and turns in that game to recount here, but it certainly seemed obvious that the team left standing had little chance to win back to back games. Congrats to both teams for their outstanding efforts in the face of ultimate elimination. So there you have it - another SMBB season is in the books and congrats to all teams and players for their participation. AND THE CHAMPION IS...



First of all, many apologies for the slowness of getting this site updated during the playoff period. Tax season has not been especially kind to me this year. After Week 1 of our Double Elimination playoffs we have one team eliminated and 2 teams with one loss each, while the #1 seed, Team Mark, has been waiting patiently for their turn, which comes in the first game Monday. To recap last week's action, I received a very excited phone call when I texted Chris for the result of the late game Thursday. In his words, Dave Johnson got a rebound, stumbled and fumbled the ball up court, Chris eschewed a time out anyway, and Dave made the decision pay off with a driving lay in at the buzzer for a one point win! So we had some SMBB April Madness on the eve of Friday the 13th as Team Bill was the first team eliminated after leading down the stretch. That game followed a hard fought winner's bracket battle between Team Randy and Team Tom that was not decided until the final minute.

So Team Randy advances to meet Mark's squad Monday at 7, which will be followed by Tom vs. Chris in an elimination game, with the survivor immediately playing the 7 pm loser to leave 2 teams standing by the end of the night. The early game winner will then need one win Thursday to claim the 2018 title, while the loser's bracket entrant will have to win back to back games Thursday to wear the crown. I am sure we will witness SMBB playoff action at its finest in this last week of our season. Good luck to all teams and thanks for a clean and relatively uneventful season!!


Regular Season Standings - FINAL

Team #  -  Captain



Avg. PF

Avg. PA

#3 - Mark



67.7 51.5

#1 - Randy



56.7 55.4

#5 - Tom



52.6 52.4

#4 - Chris



53.6 62.6

#2 - Bill



49.9 59.0

Regular Season Results

Mar 1st Scoreboard

Randy 69                                 Chris 59

Tom 61                                  Mark 53

Feb 26th Scoreboard

Chris 71                                  Bill 65

Randy 63                                 Tom 40

Feb 22nd Scoreboard

Mark 73                                  Bill 52

Tom 61                                  Chris 54

Feb 19th Scoreboard

Randy 54                                 Bill 48

Mark 71                                 Chris 44

Feb 15th Scoreboard

Mark 81                                  Randy 49  

Tom 46                                                          Bill 44

Feb 12th Scoreboard

Randy 71                                 Chris 68

Mark 71                                 Tom 42

Feb 8th Scoreboard

Bill 67                                    Chris 58

Randy 59                                 Tom 52

Feb 5th Scoreboard

Randy 63                                 Bill 56

Chris 55                                Mark 52

Feb 1st Scoreboard

Mark 56                                  Bill 43

Tom 69                                       Chris 42

Jan 29th Scoreboard

Mark 46                                  Randy 40  

Bill 42                                    Tom 39

Jan 25th Scoreboard

Randy 60                                 Chris 53

Mark 81                                 Tom 75

Jan 22nd Scoreboard

Chris 57                                  Bill 40

Randy 49                                 Tom 41

Jan 18th Scoreboard

Mark 99                                  Bill 57

Tom 51                                  Chris 42

Jan 15th Scoreboard

Randy 62                                 Bill 51

Mark 77                                      Chris 50

WE HAVE A CHAMPION!! - Our 2017 season concluded Monday 4/10/17 with a hard fought CHAMPIONSHIP Round. After barely escaping from the losers' bracket with a last second, one-point defeat of Team Stewart, #2 seed Team Chris Parrish defended their 2016 title with back to back victories over the short-handed #1 seed, Team Tom Erisman. The game scores per the Playoff tab (43-34 and 54-40) appear to indicate an easy night for Team Chris, but the first game especially was a brutal defensive battle with baskets hard to come by and the difference was a gimpy Rhudy Stevens willing his team to victory. In the final Team Chris spread the scoring, getting solid efforts across the board and Team Tom, with only 5 healthy players, ran out of gas fairly early as the outcome was never in doubt after halftime. Kudos to Earl Gaskins and Bradshaw Williams for their performances.

While not a pure defense with our annual turnover and re-shuffling of players, four members of Chris' squad are repeat champions, namely Captain Chris, MVP Rhudy Stevens, Officer Kevin Taylor and Sharpshooter Bradshaw Williams. In addition, Earl Gaskins earned a second career title with a new team (returning from a 2-year sabbatical), veteran Jim Bachmann won for the umpteenth time with his umpteenth team, and sophomore Wayne Boyer and rookie Neil Blevins earned their first "rings" - note this is a symbolic reference and clearly not in our budget. All are pictured below:

FRONT: Chris Parrish, Jim Bachmann and Neil Blevins; REAR: Bradshaw Williams, Kevin Taylor, Rhudy Stevens, Wayne Boyer and Earl Gaskins  (sorry about the size of the pic)


On Thursday 4/6 the 2017 season ended for 2 more teams, those captained by Pat Mullin and Bill Stewart. Team Mullin, short-handed for much of the season, could not replicate their upset in the previous round and fell to Team Stewart by 49-41 in the losers' bracket. Earlier in the winners' bracket final, Team (Tom) Erisman fortified their #1 seeding with a stellar 46-32 victory over Team (Chris) Parrish. Team Parrish then stayed alive in the nightcap, which produced the closest final margin of the tournament. Team Stewart rallied from 10 down in the 2nd half to take a late lead, only to miss key free throws that left the door open for Team Parrish, and Rhudy Stevens nailed the winning shot with 6 seconds left as Team Parrish prevailed 45-44. Congrats to Team Stewart on a great season!

FINAL Regular Season Standings as of Monday 3/20/17

Team #  -  Captain



Avg. PF

Avg. PA

#1 - Tom





#6 - Chris





#5 - Mark





#3 - Bill





#4 - Pat





#2 - Randy





Regular Season Results - FINAL

March 20th Scoreboard

Randy 70                                    Chris 33   

Mark 46                                     Pat 43

Tom 57                                      Bill 42

March 6th Scoreboard

Mark 49                                     Chris 48

Tom 53                                     Randy 42

Bill 56                                        Pat 42

March 2nd Scoreboard

Chris 47                                      Pat 42

Bill 56                                        Randy 48

Mark 48                                          Tom 41

Feb 27th Scoreboard

Mark 60                                      Randy 53

Chris 57                                     Bill 34

Tom 31                                       Pat 24

Feb 23rd Scoreboard

Pat 63                                        Randy 43

Mark 52                                     Bill 43

Tom 65                                     Chris 42

Feb 16th Scoreboard

Chris 61                                      Randy 48  

Pat 51                                        Mark 42

Tom 76                                       Bill 55

Feb 13th Scoreboard

Mark 51           CORRECTION           Chris 49

Randy 52                                   Tom 49

Pat 49                                             Bill 40

Feb 9th Scoreboard

Chris 46                                       Pat 35

Bill 58                                         Randy 55

Mark 46                                       Tom 44

Feb 6th Scoreboard

Mark 59                                        Randy 49

Chris 50                                       Bill 43

Tom 51                                         Pat 41

Feb 2nd Scoreboard

Pat 47                                          Randy 26

Bill 51                                         Mark 34

Tom 42                                        Chris 36

Jan 30th Scoreboard

Chris 51                                        Randy 43  

Pat 49                                        Mark 37

Tom 67                                         Bill 51

Jan 23rd Scoreboard

Chris 40                                        Mark 39

Tom 55                                        Randy 38

Pat 42                                                 Bill 29

Jan 19th Scoreboard

Chris 77                                   Pat 44

Bill 73                                       Randy 54

Tom 69                                    Mark 51

Jan 16th Scoreboard

Randy 64                                   Mark 63

Bill 50                                     Chris 48

Tom 46                                   Pat 35

Jan 12th Scoreboard

Pat 54                                       Randy 50

Bill 43                                      Mark 42

Chris 45                                    Tom 33

Jan 9th Scoreboard

Chris 49                                     Randy 44  

Mark 59                                     Pat 57

Bill 60                                             Tom 57


In an epic battle worthy of a championship belt, Team Chris wrapped up the 2016 SMBB season with a 1-point victory over Team Randy. After Rhudy Stevens led them from behind to a late 4-point lead, Team Chris survived 4 straight missed free throws sandwiched around 3 clutch free throws from Dave Burris, which cut the lead to 1. Team Chris had a few fouls to give at the end, allowing them to eat up precious seconds on defense before a futile buzzer attempt by Team Randy. So there you have it - Team Chris went pretty much gate to wire for the title other than a brief mid season lull, claimed the #1 seed and went unbeaten in the playoffs. While tested mightily in their last 3 games, they always seemed in control. Congratulations to the Champs and congratulations to Team Randy for a fine effort in defeat. We want to thank all the players, and especially the Captains, for a great season and we are already looking forward to 2017. Have a safe and healthy year!

Front Row (from left): Joe Burns, Gary Quill, Rhudy Stevens
Back Row: Pat Mullin, Tony Subrizi, Jeff "Soup" Campbell, Bradshaw Williams,  
                   Sheriff Kevin Taylor and Captain Chris Parrish


On Thursday 4/21, the "Final 4" 2016 SM contenders played 3 games to eliminate 2 teams. The action was competitive early and less so as the night progressed. In the winners' bracket final opener, 6th seed Team Tom gave top seed Team Chris a tough battle before falling by 3 points in a defensive struggle. In Game 2, Team Hart jumped out to a big 1st half lead, and though Team Stewart cut the margin to 4 points in the last 10 minutes of the game they could not sustain the comeback, losing by 8. In the nightcap, Team Hart's Dave Burris put on a scoring clinic to spark a 21-point shellacking of Team Tom, who ran out of magic after their late season winning streak was halted in Game 1.

The Playoff Finals will conclude Monday 4/25 beginning at 7:30 PM. If Team Randy wins the 7:30 game then a second game will be played immediately after for the title. Team Chris only needs to win one game to win the championship. Good luck to ALL!!

A few fun facts / notes regarding the Final Regular Season Standings below:
  • Only the top 2 teams scored more points than they gave up. Where's the D!!
  • A total of 5,715 points were scored this season, an average of 107.83 points per game (ppg).
  • The highest scoring games involved #1 seed Team Chris, who outscored the field by 2.5 ppg AND had the 2nd best defensive points average.
  • In games involving Team 2 (Randy), EXACTLY 2,000 points were scored (111.11 ppg) and Team 2 gave up only 2 points more than they scored - all that effort for a measly 2 point deficit!
  • Only Team 6 (Tom) failed to average 50+ ppg but we did average 56.4 ppg in our last 5 games and allowed only 43.3 ppg in last our last 3 - all victories! We suffered 7 straight losses of 10 points or less to reach 0-14 before finally tasting victory (and we like it). Sorry, I had to give us a plug...
As previously noted, during the playoffs each team must have at least 5 roster players and subs from other teams may NOT be used to start a game.

Thanks to all players for a fun and clean season! Keep it up during the playoffs!!


FINAL - Regular Season Standings


Team #  -  Captain



Avg. PF

Avg. PA

#5 - Chris





#1 - Mark





#3 - Rob





#4 - Bill





#2 - Randy





#6 - Tom





Results to Date (with UNOFFICIAL Team High Scorers if available)

Apr 4th Scoreboard

Chris 64                                     Mark 54          

Tom 62                                      Bill 39

Randy 65                                     Rob 57

Mar 28th Scoreboard

Bill 65                                       Chris 47

Rob 54                                       Mark 46

Tom 53                                                     Randy 48

Mar 21st Scoreboard

Randy 70 (Burris 26)                         Bill 52 (Buyse 12)

Chris 70 (Burns 19)                          Rob 64 (Yetter 15)            

Tom 53 (Roussey 24)                         Mark 43 (Hector 15)          

Mar 10th Scoreboard

Chris 74 (Campbell, Mullin 18)               Mark 57 (Hector 27)          

Bill 58 (Thompson 21)                       Tom 54 (Keehan 15)

Rob 61 (Hart 19)                                               Randy 56 (Simmons 15)

Mar 3rd Scoreboard

Mark 59 (Robinson 18)                       Bill 44 (Celluch 11)

Chris 59 (Stevens 18)                       Randy 54 (Simmons 20)

Rob 69 (Keeney 27)                         Tom 60 (Roussey 23)

Feb 29th Scoreboard

Randy 50 (Crawford 14)                     Tom 42 (Keehan 18)

Mark 56 (Aigner, Muffoletto 14)             Rob 36 (Yetter 14)

Bill 67 (Comer 22)                           Chris 62 (Mullin 18)

Feb 25th Scoreboard

Randy 69 (Burris 31)               OT       Bill 65 (Comer 20)

Rob 48 (D Hart 12)                          Chris 45 (Mullin 11)

Mark 56 (Stevenson 21)                     Tom 46 (Keehan 19)

Feb 22nd Scoreboard

Mark 60 (Stevenson 22)                     Randy 44 (Crawford 13)

Chris 45 (Mullin 20)                         Tom 42 (Keehan 20)

Bill 47 (Comer 17)                           Rob 28 (Keeney 16)

Feb 18th Scoreboard

Mark 65 (Hector 16)                        Chris 59 (Burns 18)           

Bill 51 (Comer, Buyse 16)      OT          Tom 47 (Roussey 17)

Rob 58 (Haughton 17)                  Randy 49 (Crawford 14)

Feb 11th Scoreboard

Chris 71 (Burns 29)            OT          Randy 63 (Simmons 15)

Mark 57 (Robinson 17)         OT          Bill 56 (Buyse 17)

Rob 52 (Haughton 22)                       Tom 47 (Keehan 29)

Feb 8th Scoreboard

Randy 56 (Simmons, Crawford 13)          Tom 42 (Roussey 12)

Mark 69 (Robinson 21)                      Rob 48 (Unavailable)

Bill 60 (Comer 13)                                           Chris 46 (Burns 12)

Feb 4th Scoreboard

Bill 54 (Comer 20)                          Randy 49 (Crawford 23)

Chris 71 (Burns 23)                         Rob Y 48 (Hart 15)

Mark 64 (Robinson 20)                      Tom 48 (Keehan 19)

Feb 1st Scoreboard

Mark 72 (Hector 15)                        Randy 54 (Johnson 16) 

Chris 61 (Burns 23)                         Tom 50 (Keehan 29)

Rob 55 (not available)                             Bill 52 (not available)

Jan 28th – No Games Due to School Closure (will be rescheduled)

Jan 25th – Open Date

Jan 21st Scoreboard

Chris 68 (Burns 23)                         Randy 55 (Simmons 19)

Bill 51 (Ciman 12)                           Mark 48 (Robinson 22)

Rob 52 (Haughton 16)          2 OT’s      Tom 50 (Keehan 29)

Jan 18th Scoreboard

Chris 62 (Campbell 15)                      Bill 52 (Stewart 17)

Randy 55 (Burris, Crawford 15)             Tom 35 (Whaley 12)

Rob 60 (Yetter 19)                         Mark 55 (Robinson 21)

Jan 14th Scoreboard

Randy 56 (Crawford 16)                    Bill 53 (Comer 16)

Chris 46 (Burns 16)                         Rob Y 35 (Haughton 13)

Mark                      SUSPENDED     Tom

Jan 11th Scoreboard

Bill 56 (Comer 28)              OT         Tom 55 (Gerringer 13)

Chris 47 (Mullin 12)                        Mark 38 (Stevenson 11)

Randy 53 (Crawford 21)                    Rob 43 (Haughton 18)

Jan 7th Scoreboard

Mark 56 (Robinson 21)                      Randy 53 (Simmons 19)

Rob 53 (Cramer 12)                        Bill 42 (Comer 15)

Chris 59 (Campbell 15)                     Tom 34 (Keehan 19)


Now that's a picture of success if I have ever seen one!! On 4/15/15 top seed Team Rob Schmitt capped another championship season with a workmanlike 50-37 triumph over the resourceful #7 seed Team Randy Hart, who had taken the defending champs to the wire before falling 55-52 in a tense winners' bracket final on 4/13. The ultimate final game of the season was not nearly as stressful for the winners, as Jim Whaley turned in his best performance of the season with a 14-point outburst, leading 3 double figure scorers for the champs.  Captain Rob Schmitt notched 11, Gino Kozera tallied 10 and Mark Roussey chipped in 9. Those 3 players have been on ALL 3 repeat championship squads captained by Rob.  Rodney Gerringer has been on the last 2 winners and Tony Subrizi was part of the 1st and 3rd squads during this reign.  In addition, Mark Roussey has been on 4 straight winners (including Team Justin's 2012 champion)!  The titlists were rounded out by Rich Ciman and yours truly (Tom Erisman).

A few more notes regarding the Team Schmitt success story:
  • Total 3-year record:  45-7
  • 3-year playoff record:  9-0
  • 3 straight regular season titles
  • 24 game winning streak spanning 2014-2015 seasons
  • Average age of 54 for 2015 season, believed to be the oldest team in the league
  • As of 4/15 championship night, the only player under age 50 was Rob Schmitt
If anyone (besides my teammates) is still reading, congratulations to Team Hart for a super solid playoff run, as they defeated the #2 and #3 seeds in the winners' bracket, as well as a very strong #6 seed Team Schlehr in the losers' bracket final. I want to give a special shout out to Dave Burris, who was hobbled in his last 2 games with sore hamstrings but averaged 19 in the first 3 rounds to inspire Team Hart's playoff surge. As most of you know, Dave underwent an emergency heart procedure early in the season but was able to return in time to make a major impact, which was awesome to witness!!  Good job as well by captain Randy Hart in rallying his troops!

In the 4/13 losers' bracket final Team Hart eliminated Team Mark Schlehr 59-52, as Jake Crawford continued his stellar rookie season with 18 points to lead the Hartsters.  Dave Robinson's 26 points in defeat wrapped up his outstanding season as he averaged nearly 21 in the playoffs.  Earlier that night Team Schlehr ousted a short handed, Rudy-less Team Kevin Taylor 57-48, in spite of solid efforts from Jeff "Soup" Campbell and Bob Sukiennik with 18 and 16 points, respectively. You can find all the Playoff game scores on the "Playoffs" tab.

Congratulations to all players on completing another season and for improved behavior during the playoffs!!  I need to wrap up with a sad note as one of our group, Tom O'Neill, has experienced a recurrence of his leukemia so let's all pray for a successful recovery for Tom.

See you all back in this space in late October.  Enjoy your summer - Go O's and Ravens!!

Prior Update
e are all set for the penultimate night of the SMBB season.  Sorry I don't have the 4/6 scores and little time to report while buried in 1040's but what I do know is that only 2 teams will be left standing after this coming Monday.  Team Schmitt and Team Randy will play the Winners' Bracket final at 7 PM followed by an elimination game between Team Kevin and Team Mark. Then the winner of the middle game will face the loser of the opener in another elimination game.  Good luck to all and thanks for everyone's help in leaving the gym clean when we exit!!

3/30 Update
Crumple,, rip - what is that sound I hear?!? I believe it's the sound of SMBB playoff bracket sheets being trashed all over Harford County (and part of Baltimore County)!! That's what happens when the #7 seed (Team Randy) takes out the #2 (Team Justin) and #3 (Team Kevin) seeds in consecutive rounds and the #2 seed is the first team eliminated in the losers' bracket, by a team that could not even field a squad for its 1st round game (Team Schlehr). Monday 3/30 was an eventful night at the SMES gym, and although there were no buzzer beaters like in Round 1, there was plenty of high intensity action on the court. The halftime margins were 3, 2 and 4 points and the outcomes remained in doubt well into 2nd half play.

Game 1 ended with a double digit margin, as resurgent Team Randy continued in their Hart-breaker role, again led by Dave Burris with 19, knocking Kevin's #2 seed into the losers' bracket. Game 2 was a hard fought elimination game, which Justin's Hoopsters led by 2 at half and by 5 mid 2nd half before Tim Keehan sparked a 10-0 run that turned the game around and squashed the Hoopsters. Tim banged in 4 triples on his 19-point night, including 3 in the 2nd half, while Bobby Hector chipped in with a solid 18 point effort, 11 coming in the 2nd half. Justin's squad had shrugged off some late season controversy, on and off the court, and seemed poised to make a deep playoff run. Vegas agreed, making them 5 to 2 co-favorites with top seeded Team Schmitt but it was not meant to be. 2 rounds, 2 losses and POOF, they are gone!!

In the nightcap, Team Schmitt survived the Battle of the Robs, with the all around play of the Schmitt, Roussey and Kozera trio providing the edge in a 7-point triumph. Rodney "Deep Rod" Gerringer chipped in with 3 treys. Keith Comer (16) and Joe Burns (14) again provided most of the firepower for Team Yetter, who live to play on Monday in the losers' bracket.  Speaking of Monday, there are 2 elimination games scheduled beginning at 7:30.  Good luck to all!

3/26 Update
In 1st round Playoff action on 3/26 we had 2 upsets (based on seeding), as our "new" season was kicked off by some March madness via a Dave Burris buzzer beater that survived replay review to give 7th seed Team Hart a 1-point victory over 2nd seed Team Justin. Dave and Jake Crawford each tallied 13 to lead the Hart-breakers while John Stevenson topped all scorers with 25. In the other game that was played, 5th seed Team Yetter began their typical post season push with a 4-point win over 4th seed Team Stewart. Kreg Keeney had a chance to tie the game late after being fouled by Sean Murphy on a 3-point attempt but he missed the first 2 and then purposely missed the third to no avail. Keith Comer and Joe Burns combined for 44 of Team Yetter's 50 points. (At least that is what the scorebook says!) Sadly, the third and last game of the night did not get off the ground as 6th seed Team Schlehr was forced to forfeit to 3nd seed Team Kevin. Rumor has it Mark was in Vegas working on our budget for next season!! I guess that is a bad joke for Holy Week but at least the Vegas part is true. Good luck to all this week!

Welcome to the 2015 SMBB Over 40 League!
  Please be sure to review the "General Housekeeping Items" below (especially the captains). League play began Monday 1/5/15 and we will play most Monday's and Thursday's through mid April at the St. Margaret Elementary School Gym in Bel Air, with games tipping off at 7:00, 8:05 and 9:10 PM. See the "Regular Season Schedule" page for details. If you have any questions, please e-mail

Final Regular Season Standings - Play ended Monday 3/23/15


#7 - Rob S



#6 - Kevin



#4 - Justin



#1 - Bill



#2 - Mark



#5 - Rob Y



#3 - Randy



Note: Final Regular Season Team Stats Will Be Posted after 4/15

And it comes down to this (as of 3/17): When we finish regular season play Monday 3/23 all teams except top seeded Team Schmitt (#7) will vie for playoff position. On 3/16 Team Taylor (#6) remained in 2nd place with a 3rd straight win and can clinch the runner up spot with a win over Team Yetter (#5) in the nightcap next Monday. In that event the 3/23 winner of Team Justin (#4) vs. Team Stewart (#1) would finish 3rd as Team Stewart would hold the tie-breaker with a win. Justin's squad can still finish 2nd with a win combined with a Kevin loss. On the other end of the spectrum, 3 teams are in the hunt for the #5 seed, which Team Schlehr (#2) would earn with a 3/23 win over Team Hart (#3). If last place Team Hart prevails they will tie Team Schlehr and point differential will decide either the 5th seed or the 6th seed, depending on the outcome of Team Yetter's game in the nightcap. With all that said, any seed can get hot in our second season so we look forward to another interesting playoff ride.

Week 11 Results  (there were no games in Week 10)

Mar 16th Scoreboard (High Scorers)

Rob Y 49 (Comer – 18)         OT          Bill 45 (Aigner – 17)

Kevin 64 (Stevens – 22)                     Randy 56 (Simmons - 22)

Rob S 63 (Schmitt – 30)       OT          Mark 59 (Robinson - 26)

Week 8 / 9 Results and Recap

Mar 2nd Scoreboard (High Scorers)

Bill 60 (Keeney – 30)                         Rob S 46 (Roussey – 14)

Mark 64 (Robinson - 20)                    Justin 56 (Haughton – 29)

Randy 59 (Burris - 22)                      Rob Y 44 (Burns – 16)

Games Scheduled for Thursday 2/26 were cancelled.

Feb 23rd Scoreboard (High Scorers)

Mark 64 (Hector - 17)                      Randy 51 (Crawford - 22)

Kevin 69 (Sukiennik – 26)                    Rob Y 54 (Burns – 23)

Bill 62 (Keeney – 25)                         Justin 37 (Haughton – 26)

Over the last 2 Mondays high scoring offenses were on display as the winning teams scored 60-plus points except for a 59-point effort by Team Hart on 3/2, which was enough to break their 7-game losing streak to dump Team Yetter back into the cellar. Dave "The Bionic Man" Burris inspired the Hartsters to a comfortable win with 22. Team Yetter's 2-game winning streak had been busted by Team Taylor on 2/23, as Kevin's squad led throughout, buoyed by a career high 26 from Bob Sukiennik. The Taylors squeezed into 2nd place by a few decimals as Team Justin dropped 2 games in spite of Mark Haughton's sterling efforts, as he averaged 27.5 in losses to Team Stewart and Team Schlehr. Both of those teams won twice to move up the standings, with Bill's squad joining a tight battle for 2nd as just half a game separates 3 teams. Team Stewart's MISTER Kreg Keeney also logged a 27.5 average in his 2 games, including a jaw dropping 30-point display in a 14-point drubbing of 1st place Team Schmitt. Kreg buried 6 triples and it seemed like more, perhaps because his teammates chipped in another 6!! The Schmitties have dropped 2 straight but after the other recent results still clinched the #1 seed for the playoffs, as they hold multiple wins over each of their closest pursuers. So the battle will be on for the remaining seeds after our 2 week hiatus. Good luck to all teams and NO MORE SNOW!!

Week 7 Results / Recap

Feb 19th Scoreboard (High Scorers)

Bill 57 (Dedeaux – 12)                       Mark 53 (Keehan - 18)

Justin 58 (Haughton – 20)                   Randy 44 (Crawford - 18)

Kevin 45 (Campbell – 16)                     Rob S 41 (Kozera – 16)

Feb 16th Scoreboard (High Scorers)

Rob’s Snowmen 2            FORFEIT       Justin’s Zipsters 0     

Bill 57 (Keeney – 25)                         Kevin 54 (Stevens – 13)

Rob Y 63 (Burns – 17)                       Mark 56 (Robinson - 20)

Week 7 was a week of "firsts" for the 2015 SMBB season as we saw the first Forfeit of 2015 on 2/16 (forfeit is such a dirty word), followed by these firsts occurring on 2/19:

  • The FIRST loss of the season for Team Schmitt, in a 45-41 slugfest vs. Team Kevin
  • Mark Roussey was held scoreless by the tenacious man-to-man D of Soup Campbell et al, in what we believe was Mark's FIRST scoreless outing in over 300 games since joining SMBB
  • The FIRST loss in the last 25 games for Team Schmitt, including 4 players involved in 24 straight victories beginning 1/13/14 - Rob "Popovich" Schmitt, Mark "Grandpa" Roussey, Gino "Rondo" Kozera and Rodney "G-Rod" Gerringer. Yes, the 24 wins includes the forfeit.
In other action, Team Stewart made a nice move to get back to .500 with 2 tight victories over Team Kevin and Team Schlehr. Bill's squad used good scoring balance and the 3-ball to solidify its 4th place position. Team Schlehr also lost to the resurgent Team Yetter on 2/16, as they won their second straight with another high scoring output. Lastly, Team Justin pushed Team Randy into the cellar on 2/19, as Randy's squad dropped their 6th straight contest. This game was marred by an excess physicality incident, and we remind all players to show better restraint and respect toward fellow team members, opposing players and especially toward the referees.

Week 6 Results

Feb 12th Scoreboard (High Scorers)

Rob Y 76 (Burns – 19)                        Randy 64 (Crawford - 20)

Rob S 53 (Schmitt – 18)                     Bill 40 (Buyse – 12)

Justin 55 (Neville – 19)                      Mark 39 (Hector - 12)

Feb 9th Scoreboard (High Scorers)

Kevin 64 (Campbell, Sukiennik – 18)         Mark 53 (Robinson - 23)

Justin 64 (Haughton, Stevenson – 19)      Rob Y 44 (Thompson – 15)

Rob S 56 (Schmitt – 23)                     Randy 41 (Crawford - 21)

Week 5 Results / Recap

Feb 5th Scoreboard (High Scorers)

Bill 56 (Keeney – 29)                  Randy 55 (Simmons - 20)

Kevin 41 (Campbell, Stevens – 14)   Justin 40 (Neville – 18)

Rob S 63 (Schmitt – 15)              Rob Y 56 (Burns – 15)


Feb 2nd Scoreboard (High Scorers)

Rob S 52 (Roussey – 16)              Mark 42 (Keehan – 12)

Kevin 51 (Campbell – 21)              Randy 48 (Crawford - 23)

Bill 59 (Keeney – 19)       OT        Rob Y 56 (Burns – 14)

It was a crazy week in SMBB, as the largest margin of victory among the 6 games was 10 points by Rob Schmitt's team on 2/2, and that was in a game tied at 38 with 6 minutes left before the unbeaten Schmitties closed with a 14-4 run to defeat Team Schlehr, ending their brief 2-game winning streak. Rob S's squad then remained spotless in the 2/5 nightcap over a short-handed and literally short Team Yetter, who valiantly trailed by only 3 points with 1 minute left before absorbing another close loss. "Big Tony" Subrizi nailed four 1st half triples to spark the Schmitties. Rob Y's unit has been in every game, including an OT defeat on 2/2 vs. Team Stewart. Bill's squad followed that OT triumph with another nail biter on 2/5, winning on a technical foul shot by Kreg Keeney after a disallowed time out taken by Team Hart with 2 seconds left. Kudos to Kreg for finishing off a 29 point night with the winning free throw. The Hart-Breakers lived up to their moniker all week, as they also lost to Team Taylor on 2/2 on a last second three by Soup Campbell, after leading for most of the game and in spite of a 23-point effort by Jake Crawford for the Breakers. Among all the fantastic finishes last week, the most exciting was the one point win by Team Taylor over Justin's Hoopsters, which was nip and tuck the entire 2nd half before Rhudy Stevens made 1 of 2 free throws with 3.5 seconds left and Rich Skar's follow shot rolled around and out for Team Justin at the buzzer. The Taylor-Mades are suddenly in 3rd place just 1 game behind the Hoopsters. What a week!!


Week 4 Results

Jan 29th Scoreboard (High Scorers)

Mark 64 (Keehan – 14)               Bill 55 (Keeney – 18)

Justin 53 (Neville – 21)              Randy 41 (Crawford - 10)

Rob S 68 (Schmitt– 23)              Kevin 41 (Campbell – 12)


Games scheduled for 1/26 were cancelled.

Week 3 Results / Recap

Jan 22nd Scoreboard (High Scorers)

Kevin 58 (Campbell – 19)              Bill 46 (Buyse – 13)

Rob S 60 (Schmitt – 16)              Justin 58 (Haughton – 18)

Mark 52 (Keehan – 16)                Rob Y 51 (Cramer – 15)

Jan 19th Scoreboard (High Scorers)

Randy 47 (Grace - 20)                Rob Y 39 (Comer – 11)

Rob S 52 (Schmitt – 17)              Bill 41 (Stewart – 15)

Justin 66 (Stevenson – 21)           Mark 47 (Robinson – 12)

As we completed the first third of our 2015 schedule one theme is abundantly clear. Defense is the key to victory in the SMBB. Last week every team but one who scored 52+ points was victorious. The lone exception was Team Justin, who lost a thriller to Team Schmitt in a battle of unbeatens Thursday night. The Schmitties blew most of a 14-point 2nd half lead, struggling mightily at the foul line, but held on for the tight win. Mark Roussey made up for a late 1st half arrival by nailing 3 2nd half triples and 2 late clinching free throws. Both teams won comfortably on 1/19 as newcomer John Stevenson exploded for 21 points in the Hoopsters 66-47 beat-down of Team Schlehr while Rob led his Schmitties with 17 in a methodical win over Team Stewart. In that game Rodney Gerringer tossed in 5 threes despite missing most of the 1st half with an injury. Also on 1/22 Team Taylor got back to .500 with its second straight win, led by Soup Campbell's 19, and Team Schlehr scored its first win by 1-point over a winless Team Yetter. Rob's hard luck squad has lost 4 games by an average 4-point margin, also falling to Team Hart on 1/19, which was led by a resurgent Mike Grace with a 20-point output, 17 in the 1st half.

Week 2 Results / Recap

Jan 15th Scoreboard (High Scorers)

Kevin 60 (Paul K – 17)                Mark 49 (Robinson – 12)

Justin 52 (Neville – 17)               Rob Y 49 (Cramer – 13)

Rob S 60 (Roussey – 15)           Randy 49 (Crawford - 13)


Games scheduled for 1/12 were cancelled. On Thursday 1/15, "50" was the key to victory as all 3 losing teams finished with 49 points. In the opener Team Taylor got their first victory with a 38-point 2nd half (more than their prior game total) to overcome a 2-point halftime deficit. Newcomer Paul K led the way with 17 points and 3 treys in the 2nd half. Team Schlehr is still looking for their first win. The middle game was tighter as Justin's Hoopsters prevailed by making just enough foul shots down the stretch. Al Neville maintained his 17-point average to top all scorers. The Hoopsters sport the best scoring offense AND defense through 3 games - a tough combo to beat! The nightcap was not as close as the final margin. Team Schmitt increased a 14-point halftime lead to 20-plus and then relaxed their zone defense late against Team Hart. Mark Roussey's 14 1st half points propelled the Schmitties.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Dave Burris of Team Hart. Dave had a heart attack and emergency surgery last Saturday night but he expects a strong recovery over time. If you have not seen Dave's personal memoir about this event please ask your Captain to forward it. Best wishes to Dave in his recovery process!!

Week 1 Results  (all individual scoring is unofficial)

Jan 8th Scoreboard (High Scorers)

Justin 53 (Neville – 16)              Kevin 36 (Soup – 15)

Randy 59 (Burris - 22)              Bill 45 (Keeney – 18)

Rob S 49 (Roussey – 12)             Rob Y 45 (Comer – 19)


Jan 5th Scoreboard (High Scorers)

Rob S 40 (Roussey, Schmitt– 11)  Kevin 30 (Stevens – 10)

Justin 67 (Neville – 18)             Randy 36 (Simmons - 11)

Bill 57 (Keeney – 16)                Mark 47 (Keehan - 15)

Week 1 Recap
Justin's Hoopsters started the new season off on the right side of 2 victories and led by newcomer Al Neville top the league in average points scored and scoring margin by a bunch. The Hoopsters trailed early on 1/5 vs. Team Randy but have not looked back since, taking a 14 point halftime lead in that game on the way to a 31-point win, then blasting off to a 15-0 start vs. Team Kevin on 1/8 before prevailing by 17.The other undefeated team is defending champ Rob Schmitt, whose Schmitties earned 2 tighter wins, using 15-3 closing run in a come from behind defeat of Team Yetter on 1/8 in Yetter's opener. Kevin's Taylor-Mades have lost to both 2-0 teams so the defending runner up will start Week 2 in last place and very hungry. They will face Randy's 1-1 Hart-Breakers, who bounced back on 1/8 with a 14-point win over Team Stewart (also 1-1) after trailing by 2 at half. Newcomer Dave "Top Gun" Burris led all scorers with a league high 22, including 4 second half triples. The Stew-Crew tallied a 10-point win opening night over Team Schlehr, who sits at 0-1 with Team Yetter. So there you have it - GO RAVENS!!

  • ALL players must SIGN AND DATE the liability waiver sheet before participating.
  • The lower team number will use the bench closest to the stage. This allows us to set up the scorebook in advance.  ALWAYS warm up at the basket opposite your bench.
  • Player assistance with setting up and putting away bench chairs and scorer's table are greatly appreciated.
  • DO NOT leave any trash, water bottles, etc., or clothing behind as we can lose gym privileges if we do not clean up AND we will not be responsible for lost items.
  • Spectators are generally not permitted per St. Margaret rules (for liability purposes and because the facility has no night time security). This has not been a problem in the past so let's keep it that way.
  • See separate section below regarding inclement weather policy.

Please note when Harford County schools, or specifically St. Margaret School, are/is closed due to inclement weather, GAMES typically will NOT be played.  However, please consult this web site for specific updates on weather closures.

(2014 Championship write up and picture below courtesy of Gary Quill - hope he has a new phone for 2015!)

Monday 4/14 at the St. Margaret Indoor Arena, Rob Schmitt's Team "refused to lose," notching their 13th consecutive 2014 victory with a hard fought 36-33 triumph in the Championship Game.  For those with short memories, here are the Champs post game:

Kevin Taylor's team led most of the way, as it appeared early on THEY were the team who wanted it more, jumping out to an early 15-6 1st half lead. But Rob's squad, who began the season 0-2, did not panic and slowly chipped away at Team Taylor's margin.

From the 4-minute mark in the 2nd half, the lead changed about a dozen times (I'm making that one up) and we saw the biggest bonehead play of the season by Mark Roussey (of all people), when he had a clean steal from "Soup" Campbell on a drive, and at that precise moment, someone's shoe squeaked on the floor, which sounded like a whistle. Mark picked up his dribble immediately in disgust and proceeded to take two steps, resulting in a Traveling violation.

To add insult to injury, Mark missed not one, but BOTH FT's with under 30 seconds to play and his team up by 1, giving Kevin's team a chance to win it after a time-out with 16 seconds their season OR a chance to force a Game 2.

It wasn't meant to be as Rudy got open in the lane but missed a 10 foot jumper, Rob secured the rebound, was fouled with 5 seconds to play and converted both ends of a one-and-one, to make it a 3-point advantage. Without a timeout, "Soup" took the inbounds pass but was swarmed by multiple defenders, was able to find Rob Warner in the corner, who had to dodge a defender and launch an off-balance shot, with his foot on the 3-point arch, that caught nothing but air as the final horn sounded.

On Thursday 4/10, the Schmittys disposed of Kevin in the winners' bracket final but K's squad bounced back to edge the revitalized #7 seeded Yetters in the losers' bracket final to earn another shot at the top dogs.  The Yetters advanced that night with a tight victory over Justin.  Please see the "Playoffs" tab for all results and the full bracket.

On Monday 4/7 we saw the first significant upset of the post season as #7 Seed Yetterers took down #4 Seed Hart-breakers.  Rob's patchwork squad is making its typical post season run so how far can they go?!?  And #3 Seed Justin's Hoopsters barely got by #5 Seed Schlehrminators in Double OT.

During first round games we had a few incidents of excess physicality that required our referees to intervene.  From all accounts the refs did a good job of preventing escalation but let's all just try to play and have fun.  It's OK to be competitive but not at another player's expense.  Thanks for your cooperation in the games played on 4/5 and 4/7 and keep it up!

Please check back here at least weekly for any further updates.  You will also be notified by your captains of any schedule changes (NO MORE SNOW!!).  Thanks for your cooperation!

Regular Season Standings Through Monday 3/24/14

Team #  -  Captain



Avg. PF

Avg. PA

#4 - Rob S





#1 - Kevin





#7 - Justin





#3 - Randy





#2 - Bill





#6 - Mark





#5 - Rob Y





Congrats to Mark's team for a late surge into the 5 seed!  Justin held the tie-breaker for the 3 seed with a 2-0 record vs. Randy.

Week 9 and 10 Results

March 20th Scoreboard

Kevin 75           Bill 53

Rob S 73          Mark 60

March 17th Scoreboard

Rob S 55          Randy 46

Kevin 43           Justin 40

Mark 60           Rob Y 54

March 15th Scoreboard

Kevin 55               Bill 42

Randy 56             Rob Y 49

Rob S 53             Justin 51

Week 8 Results  (there were no games the week of 2/24)

March 6th Scoreboard (High Scorers)

Bill 60 (Parrish – 19)                Randy 51 (Sukiennik - 12)

Rob S 69 (Roussey – 23)            Kevin 39 (D. Hart [sub] – 15)

Justin 55 (Haughton – 15)             Mark 38 (Dedeaux, Comer – 15)

Week 7 Results

February 20th Scoreboard (High Scorers)

Mark 61 (Dedeaux – 23)            Bill 46 (Keeney – 21)

Rob S 49 (Roussey – 27)            Rob Y 39 (Yetter - 18)

Justin 34 (Klunk – 8)      2 OT’s   Randy 31 (Simmons - 10)

Game Note: In one of the ugliest games in SMBB history, Justin's Hoopsters held Team Randy (coming off consecutive 70 plus point games!) scoreless for the last 6 minutes of regulation and through two 2-minute overtimes, erasing a 10-point deficit to secure a less than scintillating but hard fought victory to retain third place.  Mike Klunk hit the tying jumper late in regulation, and after Tom Erisman's quick flip in the lane off a long in bounds pass was disallowed at the end of the 1st OT, super sub Pat Mullin owned the 2nd OT with a driving layup and a later free throw for the winning margin.  The Hoopsters survived a week without Mark Haughton and split two 34-point efforts.

February 17th Scoreboard (High Scorers)

Bill 45 (Wood - 13)                 Justin 34 (J. Polun – 16)

Kevin 59 (Stevens – 17)             Rob Y 50 (Burns – 13)

Randy 73 (Peyton – A Lot)             Mark 52 (Comer – Not enough)

Week 5 and 6 Results

February 10th Scoreboard (High Scorers)

Kevin 45 (Hopkins – 24)              Mark 35 (Comer – 14)

Rob S 62 (Roussey – 17)             Bill 53 (Keeney - 16)

Randy 75 (Erisman – 18)                 Rob Y 51 (Burns - 17)

February 6th Scoreboard (High Scorers)

Bill 69 (Keeney - 17)                 Mark 54 (Comer – 30)

Justin 56 (Polun – 21)                 Rob Y 42 (Johnson – 14)

Week 4 Results

January 30th Scoreboard (High Scorers)

Kevin 49 (Taylor – 13)              Randy 41 (Bachmann – 13)

Rob S 63 (Schmitt – 13)            Rob Y 40 (Murphy - 15)

January 27th Scoreboard (High Scorers)

Kevin 49 (Campbell – 26)            Mark 45 (Comer – 22)       

Rob Y 72 (Murphy - 24)            Bill 68 (Keeney – 22)

Justin 49 (Haughton, Polun – 14)  Randy 41 (Peyton – 15)

Week 3 Results

January 23rd Scoreboard (High Scorers)

Rob S 66 (Schmitt – 20)            Justin 52 (Haughton – 25)

Mark 69 (Comer – 32)               Rob Y 64 (Murphy - 16)

January 20th Scoreboard (High Scorers)

Justin 54 (Mullin – 16)              Bill 45 (Keeney – 16)

Kevin 58 (Stevens – 20)             Rob Y 48 (Murphy - 15)

Mark 56 (Comer – 27)     2 OTs   Randy 53 (Peyton – 22)

Week 2 Results:

January 16th Scoreboard (High Scorers)

Rob S 55 (Schmitt – 16)             Kevin 51 (Stevens – 18)

Randy 51 (Peyton – 15)              Bill 38 (D. Hart – 9)

Game notes from 1/16:

Game 1: Team 4 “Schmitties” got back to .500 quickly with their second straight triumph, using solid defensive play late in the game to secure a tight victory.

Game 2: Team 3 “Hart-breakers” remained unbeaten with a methodical win, maintaining a comfortable working margin throughout the 2nd half.

January 13th Scoreboard (High Scorers)

Rob S 67 (Schmitt – 16)            Mark 31 (Whaley – 7)

Randy 37 (Simmons – 12)           Kevin 36 (Hopkins – 11)

Justin 43 (Haughton – 17)          Rob Y 40 (Johnson - 11)

Game notes from 1/13 (courtesy of Jim Claypool):

Game 1: This was a 10 point game just before Mark Roussey hit a 3 at the end of the 1st half for the Schmitties.  Mark's team was hurt when Reed went down with an injury in the 1st half.
Game 2: Randy's team won a defensive struggle (some may blame the ball) over Kevin's team 37-36.  This was a close game the whole way.  Kevin's team had the ball at the end, but couldn't get a really good shot off for the win.
Game 3: This game seemed like it would be an easy win for Justin’s Hoopsters till the last 2 minutes when Rob's team made a furious comeback, hitting some clutch shots.  They had the ball down 3 with 15 seconds left and then Murph got fouled shooting a 3 at the buzzer.  Murph missed the 1st free throw to end the game

Highlights from the results of Week 1 of League Play:
All 5 games were closely contested and none of the 3 teams who played twice last week escaped defeat.  Our defending champion, or the team led by that captain whose core is largely intact, dropped 2 games and for now is looking up from the basement.  Special Week 1 accolades are due to Andy Quinn of Mark's team, whose 2014 debut resulted in a personal "decade high" of 13 points in a narrow 1 point defeat to Justin's Hoopsters.

Week 1 Results:

January 9th Scoreboard (High Scorers)

Bill 43 (Rob A – 11)                    Rob S 40 (3 tied with 9)

Justin 43 (Haughton – 13)       Mark 42 (Quinn – 13)

January 6th Scoreboard (High Scorers)

Kevin 51 (Hopkins – 13)           Justin 40 (Haughton, J Polun – 12)

Randy 45 (Peyton – 18)            Rob S 41 (Schmitt, Roussey – 15)

Rob Y 57 (Burns – 15)               Bill 54 (D Hart - 13)

Hail to the 2013 Champions!  A resounding victory on Monday 5/6/13 capped an excellent season for Rob Schmitt's squad, and even though the picture below leaves a lot to be desired, fortunately their outstanding basketball skills far outweigh their appearances!!  A special shout out is due to Mark Roussey and Joe Niehaus, who were on back to back championship teams!




Left to right: Joe Niehaus, Gino Kozera, Jim Bachmann, Rob Schmitt, Dennis Mertz, Tony Subrizi, Mark Roussey, Jim Claypool and Dave Johnson

The champs defeated Rob Yetter's short handed unit, which had made a valiant push through the losers' bracket, eliminating Justin's Hoopsters and then terminating Mark's Schlehr's squad to advance to the Finals.

Previous Playoff Results

The third night of Playoff action on 4/22 saw 2 more teams eliminated from the Losers' Bracket while the top seeded squad of Rob S now stands alone in the Winners' Bracket. Schmitty's Gang of 9 thwarted a 2nd half comeback by Mark's team and won going away. In the 2 elimination games, Rob Yetter's team took out 2nd seeded Kevin with a thrilling buzzer beater victory after trailing by 10 points at halftime and Justin's Hoopsters controlled play throughout in a less scintillating win over the 4th seeded Hartsters. So all we have left are the oddballs, i.e. the teams that were seeded 1, 3, 5 and 7.

2nd Round play on Monday 4/15 consisted of 2 blow outs and 1 tightly contested game in between.  The top seeded squad captained by Rob S led throughout the opener and the outcome was never in doubt after Mike Grace was injured late in the 1st half.  Mark Roussey was on fire from 3-point range and finished with 26. In the nightcap, Justin's Hoopsters dominated the first elimination game of the tourney with solid defense and balanced scoring. Father Nelson even cracked the scoring column in the defeat of the short-handed squad of Bill Stewart, which finished by dropping 6 straight games after losing their top 3 players over the course of the season. The sandwich game proved to be the most entertaining of the night, as the 3rd seeded Schlehr Gang built an 11 point 2nd half lead and then held off a late rally by 2nd seeded Taylor Made to score the upset. Speaking of scoring, the victory was sparked by Keith Comer's 34-point outburst, which seemed to come from every possible angle and distance.  Keith's supporting cast added just enough output to advance to the winners' bracket final.

1st Round play on Monday 4/8 saw all 3 "better-seeded" teams advance in the winners' bracket.

Don't forget the team with the worse regular season record has the bench closest to the stage - please warm up at the basket opposite your bench!!

Fund Raiser Update: The league ended up eating 5 blocks out of 100 - not too bad for our 1st Fund Raiser!! Congrats to Bill Stewart, whose block won in spite of its owner, and to all other winners!  Dave "DJ" Johnson was the big winner on Sem-Finals night and my neighbor, Bruce "BS" Sidell hit both ends of the final score Championship Night.  Payouts will be distributed over the next 2 weeks.

Final 2013 Regular Season Standings

Team #  -  Captain



Avg. PF

Avg. PA

#4 - Rob S





#1 - Kevin





#6 - Mark





#3 - Randy





#5 - Rob Y





#2 - Bill





#7 - Justin





The seeds are set as
follows for the playoff tournament:

  • Team 4 has clinched the #1 seed with 2-1 record vs. Team 1.
  • Team 1 and Team 6 have clinched the #2 and #3 seeds.
  • Team 3 and Team 5 will play in the #4 vs. #5 game in playoffs.
  • Team 2 will play Team 6 and Team 7 will play Team 1 in the 1st round of the playoffs.
Please note the scores from 3/10, 3/14 and 3/17 were not published.

February 28th Results / Recap (High Scorers)

Rob S 51 (Johnson – 18)            Kevin 42 (D. Hart – 11)

Mark 65 (Burns – 24)                Rob Y 49 (Keeney – 20)

Justin 42 (Peyton – 16)              Bill 40 (Stewart – 14)

Game notes from 2/28:

Game 1 showdown: Team 4 “Schmitties” forged a 1st place tie with a strong 2nd half defensive showing, holding Team 1 “Taylor-Mades” to 17 points to win going away after trailing by 7 at halftime and by 9 early in the 2nd half.  Dave Johnson kept the winners in the game early with 3 first half triples, finishing with 18, while Captain Rob shook off his 1st half shooting woes to score 13 after intermission and 15 overall.  Darren Hart led a balanced Team 1 attack with 11.  Team 4 holds the tie-breaker with a 2-1 regular season record against their main rival, who had an impressive 9 game winning streak snapped with their loss.

In Game 2, Team 6 Marksmen jumped out to an early lead and never looked back, riding a relentless fast break offense to an easy victory. Joe Burns and Keith Comer led the way with 24 and 21 respectively, while Kreg Keeney’s 20 was the only double figure effort for Team 5 Yetterers.  In Game 3, Team 7 Justin’s Hoopsters broke a 5 game losing skein with a late comeback defeat of Team 2 Stew Crew, in a game of runs that was very entertaining.  After trailing 11-0, Team Justin went on a 24-6 run to close the 1st half and was up by 9 early in the 2nd half.  Then Team Stewart went on their own 23-10 run, led by Captain Bill with a season high 14, to lead by 4 with under 2 minutes to play.  However, Russell Peyton made a key steal and scored 4 of Team 7’s 6 straight points to close the game for a 2-point verdict.  The Hoopsters could be gearing up for another playoff run!  

February 25th Results (High Scorers)

Rob S 67 (Schmitt – 20)            Mark 39 (Burns – 13)

Rob Y 62 (Cramer – 16)             Justin 51 (Wollenweber – 11)

Kevin 56 (Stevens – 22)             Randy 50 (Simmons - 14)

February 21st Recap / Results (High Scorers)

Once Again this Recap is courtesy of our Guest Scribe – “Chief Scorekeeper AND 3-pt marksman” Jim Claypool of Team 4 (many thanks to Jim!):

Game 1 was won by team 4 Rob Schmitt over team 3 Randy Hart 59-43. Dave Owens led “them” with 11 although he did get his shot blocked by Dennis Mertz. Rob S led his team with 19. (Editor’s Note: Dennis’ blocked shot may have been the 1st of his career!)

Game 2 was won by team 1, Kevin, over team 7, Justin 51-47. Rudy led Kevin's team with 17 while Russell had 19 for team Justin. Justin's team was up 8 late when a couple of 3's got Kevin's team back in it. Chris Parrish hit a big bucket with 3 seconds left to take the lead.

Game 3 was won by team 2, Bill Stewart, over team 5, Rob Yetter, 57-39. Mike Klunk led a balanced attack with 14 while Rob led his short staffed team with 10. The shocker for team Stewart was Rodney having 5 baskets and only 1 of the 3-point variety.

Rob S 59 (Schmitt – 19)             Randy 43 (Owens - 11)

Kevin 51 (Stevens – 17)              Justin 47 (Peyton – 19)

Bill 57 (M. Klunk – 14)                Rob Y 39 (Yetter – 10)

February 17th Results (Individual Scoring not available)

Randy 49                                  Bill 26

Kevin 57                                   Rob Y 40

Mark 54                                   Justin 45

February 14th Recap / Results (High Scorers)

Courtesy of our Guest Scribe - scorekeeper Jim Claypool:

Game 1 was won by Randy's team #3 over Mark's team #6 60-58. Mike Grace led all scorers with 26 and Joe Burns led Mark's team with 23. Team Schlehr was down 12 at half and made a frantic comeback to cut the lead to 1 with 12 seconds left before losing.

Game 2 was won by Kevin's team over Bill Stewart's team 44-38. Soup Campbell led the victors with 14 points. Mike Klunk led Bill's team with 14. Dave Klunk was smart enough to spend Valentines Day away.

Game 3 was won by Team Schmitt #4 over team Yetter 58-44. Rob Schmitt and Mark Roussey led the victors with 17 each. Rob Yetter, showing his son Brendon that he still has game, scored 20.

Thursday Feb 14th

Randy 60 (Grace - 26)               Mark 58 (Burns – 23)

Kevin 44 (Campbell – 14)             Bill 38 (M. Klunk – 14)

Rob S 58 (Schmitt, Roussey –17) Rob Y 44 (Yetter – 20)

February 7th / February 11th Results (High Scorers)

Monday Feb 11th

Randy 49 (Simmons - 20)   OT   Rob Y 47 (Keeney – 14)

Rob S 43 (Schmitt – 14)     2OT Justin 40 (Wollenweber – 20)

Mark 64 (Comer – 29)                Bill 50 (Gerringer – 23)

Thursday Feb 7th

Kevin 64 (Campbell – 22)            Mark 50 (Comer – 23)       

Bill 47 (D. Klunk – 16)                 Rob S 43 (Schmitt – 13)

Randy 51 (Hopkins - 12)             Justin 45 (Haughton – 13)

From the 2/5 Update:

As the calendar flipped to February none of our SMBB players saw their shadows, although some of us might have seen hallucinations in various shades of purple after our Super Bowl championship festivities beginning Sunday night and culminating today at the downtown victory celebration!! In between, there was basketball to be played last night and the results served to tighten up the standings. In the opener, Kevin's
squad won their 4th straight and forged a 1st place with Rob S, holding on for a narrow 57-56 victory after leading by 13 at the half. Rob's group made NINE 3-point shots in the 2nd half, including 3 each by Rob (25 total points) and Mark Roussey, but 12 2nd half points by Rhudel Stevens helped Kevin prevail. Rhudel notched 21 for the game and was well supported by Jeff "Soup" Campbell's 19 (including 4 1st half triples).

The other 2 Monday games were not so exciting as Justin's Hoopsters led by double digits most of the way to get their 2nd victory, drawing within one game of 5th place. Justin returned after missing 1/31 due to injury and hit several 2nd half free throws after blowing 2 layups (did I just type that?!?). Rodney G had 3 triples for Bill's losers. In the nightcap, a hot shooting Kreg Keeney torched Mark Schlehr's team for 25 (possibly a career high) including several DEEP 3's to spark Rob Y's clan to a 10-point win. Mark was down by 13 at half, then closed within 2 early in the 2nd half but gave up too many easy baskets down the stretch. Keith Comer led the failed comeback with 19 points, 17 in the 2nd half. Resurgent Rob Y is now 1/2 game out of 3rd place.

On Thursday 1/31, only the finale was a single digit margin and that was by 9 points as Rob Y's squad outscored Bill by 13 points after trailing by 4 at half time. Rob led the way with 16. Rob Schmitt's team poured in a 2013 league high 73 points to blast an injury depleted Randy Hart squad. Dave Johnson's 19 topped 4 double figure scorers (including a garbage time 3 and last second layup) while Mike Simmons tallied 18 for the Hartsters (spell check gave me "Hamsters"). Finally, Kevin's team clamped down on defense after trailing by 2 at the half, holding short-handed Justin to 7 2nd half points in a 50-36 triumph, their 3rd straight. Soup had 16 for the winners and Mark Haughton 15 for Justin.

January 31st / February 4th Results (High Scorers)

Monday Feb 4th

Kevin 57 (Stevens – 21)              Rob S 56 (Schmitt – 25)

Justin 46 (unavailable)               Bill 32 (unavailable)

Rob Y 66 (Keeney – 25)              Mark 56 (Comer – 19)

Thursday Jan 31st

Rob S 73 (Johnson – 19)            Randy 53 (Simmons - 18)

Kevin 50 (Campbell – 16)             Justin 36 (Haughton – 15)

Rob Y 45 (Yetter – 16)               Bill 36 (D. Klunk – 12)

Thursday Jan 24th Results (High Scorers)

Mark 61 (Comer – 28)                Randy 48 (Hopkins - 16)

Kevin 48 (Stevens – 14)              Bill 36 (D. Klunk, M. Klunk – 11)

Rob S 54 (Roussey – 16)             Rob Y 43 (Yetter – 13)

From the 1/23 Update:

As we approach the end of our first round robin set of games it seems like a good time to turn in the first write up of the season, especially since most of us are in a GREAT mood this week after the Ravens THRASHING of the Pats and their wussy "slide and kick" QB Brady. My apologies to the REAL players on the Pats (well, not really!) but that was a bush league play by the spoiled leader of a team that made the fatal error of thinking they could not lose to the underdog - WRONG!!!

Back to hoops: Night #5 of the regular season on 1/17 was one of the more competitive nights so far, as Bill's squad outlasted Mark 51-49 in OT in the opener after a back and forth affair highlighted by aggressive offensive board work by the Klunk brothers to overcome solid scoring efforts by Comer and Whaley for the losers. Rodney G led the winners with 13, including 3 triples. In the middle game, Randy's gang played their best game to date in a 56-42 defeat of Rob Y. Mike Simmons tallied a season high 20 points to ignite the win. A special shout out to Mo Brown, who had 11 points and numerous rebounds for the victors while leaving Rob Yetter muttering to himself repeatedly. Another OT contest wrapped the night, as the previously winless Justin Hoopsters, led by 16 from Mark Haughton (including all 4 of his team's OT points), sneaked past a short-handed and undefeated Rob S team by a 46-44 margin. Schmitty's first season as a captain had proceeded rather smoothly prior to the loss, but as we all know so well, on any given Thursday (or Monday) no result is a surprise in the St. Margaret Over 40 League. Schmitty continues to lead the league in scoring with Keith Comer a close second.

On 1/21, there was not nearly as much excitement although all 3 contests were decided by 10 points or less.  The game, or finish, of the night came in the finale, which evolved from the most one-sided halftime score of the 3 games into a nail-biter (remember, any given night in SMBB...). Justin's squad was apparently still basking in the glory of their 1/17 upset as they sleepwalked through the 1st half against Mark to trail by 26-6 (that's right, only 6 points in the half!). After going down by 24 early in the 2nd half, the Hoopsters made a furious rally sparked by 15 second half points from Mark Haughton to cut their deficit to 3, before Captain Mark Schlehr made both ends of a one-and-one free throw opportunity to stave off the comeback. Unfortunately, no one but the players, refs and scorekeeper can attest to this heart throbbing excitement after the 1st half ugliness cleared the gym!! On the more watchable side, the individual game of the night was turned in by wily (and very strong) veteran forward Dave Klunk, who lit up the Hart Gang with 18 first half points and finished with 27 to lead Team Bill to victory. Keith Comer tallied the night's next highest output with 22, keeping the pressure on the bye-encumbered Schmitty.

So heading into the Thursday 1/24 games we have 6 of our 7 teams within 2 games of 1st place and we are expecting highly competitive basketball the rest of the way. Good luck and GO RAVENS!!

January 17th / 21st Results (High Scorers)

Monday Jan 21st

Bill 57 (D. Klunk – 27)                Randy 47 (Grace - 13)

Kevin 52 (Parrish – 13)               Rob Y 44 (Yetter – 18)

Mark 43 (Comer – 22)               Justin 38 (Haughton – 19)

Thursday Jan 17th

Bill 51 (Gerringer – 13)       OT   Mark 49 (Comer, Whaley – 15)

Randy 56 (Simmons - 20)           Rob Y 42 (Murphy – 13)

Justin 46 (Haughton – 16)  OT   Rob S 44 (Schmitt – 19)

January 10th / 14th Results (High Scorers)

Monday Jan 14th

Randy 42 (Grace – 17)               Justin 39 (J. Polun – 12)

Rob S 47 (Schmitt – 18)             Bill 36 (Gerringer – 15)

Mark 57 (Comer – 20)            Kevin 46 (Campbell, Parrish – 13)

Thursday Jan 10th

Rob S 54 (Schmitt – 20)            Randy 46 (Grace – 15)

Rob Y 47 (Yetter – 14)               Bill 43 (D. Klunk – 15)

Kevin 52 (D. Hart – 15)              Justin 37 (Haughton – 11)

January 3rd / 7th Results (High Scorers)


Monday Jan 7th


Rob S 41 (Roussey – 15)             Kevin 39 (Stevens – 15)

 Bill S 47 (M. Klunk – 11)             Justin 35 (Haughton – 13)

 Mark 55 (Comer – 19)             Rob Y 54 (Cramer, Keeney – 15)


Thursday Jan 3rd


Kevin 55 (Stevens – 18)              Randy 44 (Simmons – 19)

 Rob S 60 (Schmitt – 17)             Mark 46 (Burns – 14)

 Rob Y 48 (Cramer – 12)              Justin 43 (J. Polun – 17)

2012 WINNER: the #6 Seed (below), captained by Justin Polun

(If anyone has this picture please send to Tom Erisman as it was inadvertently deleted from this web site.)
Championship Score: Justin 46 (#6 Seed) over Mark 44 (#1 Seed) 

Playoffs - Championship Recap:

In a hard fought contest to the end, highlighted by an early 2nd half scoring flurry and less than stellar free throw shooting down the stretch by both teams, Justin's 6th seeded squad prevailed when Mark Schlehr's team could not get off a final full court attempt after a missed free throw with less than 2 seconds remaining. This title matchup was relatively close throughout, with single digit margins and several 2nd half lead changes. Justin's charges were led by 20 points (10 in each half) from Towson U baller Mark Roussey (circa 1980), who played through a 2nd half hamstring injury to contribute key buckets down the stretch. The champs received contributions from their entire 9-man group, including 14 from Captain Polun and late game free throws from Chad Wollenweber and Rich Skarzenski, although the winners only shot 40% (8 of 20) from the charity stripe! This effort was just enough to hold off the short handed #1 seed, who were missing their top scorer, Keith Comer, due to vacation plans that somehow took priority over the championship (he'll be baaack). Mark's team was carried by a stellar 24 points from Joe Burns, including four 2nd half 3 pointers, which helped to garner a few brief leads for the regular season titlists after they trailed by 17-14 following a slow paced 1st half. Their tenacious man to man defense kept them close but poor team free throw shooting (7 of 17) ultimately negated their chances. Congrats to both teams for playing a clean, highly competitive match! Justin is already strategizing for next season's draft in hope of a repeat!!

Playoffs - Semi-Finals Recap:

On Thursday 4/19, expected form held according to the seedings, although Mark's top seeded group got a decent scare from Rob's 4th seeded team in the nightcap, prevailing by just 3 points, 48-45, after trailing at halftime. Led by Keith Comer and Rhudel Stevens, with 21 and 16 points respectively, Mark's squad parlayed zone busting shooting with solid 2nd half defense to gain the victory. Sean Murphy led the losers with 13, which mostly came from beyond the arc in a hot shooting 1st half.

In the early game, Justin's 6th seed controlled the game most of the way to tally a 52-43 verdict over Bill F's 7th seeded squad. With both teams coming off major upsets in the 1st round a hotly contested game was anticipated but Justin's 23 point effort led a fairly comfortable win. Rob Schmitt scored 18 to pace the losers and Jim Claypool contributed three 3-point baskets.

Playoffs - 1st Round Recap:

On Saturday 4/14, a strange thing happened on the way to the Semi-Finals: the expected winners all fell by the wayside as upsets were the rule in 3 very tight, hotly contested battles. In the opener, Randy's #2 seed was forced to play without their top gun, Mike Grace, but managed to lead for about 3/4 of the game. Then Bill Fritch's bottom seeded team, with Rob Schmitt back at about 85% efficiency (and 25% from the charity stripe!), took a late lead before Jim Bachman's basket with 6 seconds left sent the game into OT. Down by 3 late in OT, Randy's team did not get off a 3-point attempt and failed to call time out after scoring inside, falling short by 52-51. In the middle contest, Justin's #6 seed broke away from a sluggish early pace to lead by 9 at half, then withstood a late rally by Bill Stewarts' 3rd seeded squad to prevail 46-42. Bill's team scored 13 points below their season average!. If both teams are at full strength, the #6 vs. #7 matchup will make an interesting semi-final.

In the nightcap, Rob's #4 seed mounted a furious comeback from a double digit 2nd half deficit to prevail by 60-57 over Kevin's 5th seeded unit. While this was not an upset by seeding, Kevin's team had played very well down the stretch in the regular season and came within a win of earning the #2 seed, so the Vegas odds were in their favor. Kevin et al controlled the game for the most part, but a hot shooting Sean Murphy, and poor free throw shooting down the stretch by Kevin's side, paved the way for Rob's team to face the top seed, Mr. Mark Schlehr, in the other semi-final.

2012 Regular Season Standings - FINAL

Team #  -  Captain



Avg. PF

Avg. PA

#2 - Mark S.





#1 - Randy H.





#5 - Bill S. (#3 seed)





#6 - Rob Y.





#3 - Kevin T.





#4 - Justin P.





#7 - Bill F.